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NHL 2008

Quote:For over a decade and a half now EA’s NHL series has brought the fastest, purest, most intense puck experience imaginable on home consoles. The series began with NHL Hockey in 1991, and with every iteration the franchise has grown in both gameplay and visual realism. Now that we’re entering the HD era, all eyes are on the NHL vs. 2K rivalry to see which hockey source has what it takes to achieve true realism. E3 is on the horizon, and while we can’t give you our final say on the NHL 08 vs. 2K8 grudge match, we can confidently and irrevocably state that NHL 08 is the more realistic hockey experience we’ve ever played, period.
Installation Notes:
Quote:1). unrar and double click: > _NHL.Start.exe < ( must be done ).
2). double click: > nhl2008.exe < to launch the game!
Special Info Note :
Quote:Some virus-scanner recognize the header of a packed exe ( _NHL.Start.exe )
as a lame virus, (coz its thebyte by byte check error of em!.)
Its almost certainly a false positive alert from overly protective heuristics
you can read more about in your VirusTool-Manual or VirusTools-WebSite!.
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واخيرا: NHL 2008
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